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Following its first year of Regulatory Committees, the Gaming Standard’s Commission has added its first effort into effect through the CDI Standard.

To date, nine regulatory jurisdictions are participating in monthly Regulatory Committee meetings, which help to support an open and transparent environment to address regulatory and industry challenges. The committee’s first effort has been input into the emerging Certification Database Interface (CDI) Standard.

“Since GSA’s inception, regulators have approached us on issues needing standardization, gaming devices/databases, centrally collecting regulatory information,” said GSA President Peter DeRaedt. “As is the case with our other standards committees, with the Regulatory Committee, GSA has created a safe environment that fosters collaboration, and we are very pleased to provide this service to the regulatory community.”

GSA has provided the Regulatory Committee with a variety of tools, including:

  • A collaborative environment using online tools
  • Meeting and administrative support
  • Access to industry knowledge base of gaming technologists, engineers, compliance officers

DeRaedt said: “Working with input from regulators over the years, GSA successfully created GAT (Game Authentication Terminal) standards. Today the GAT Standard is supported by the industry and used by various regulators. Building on our successful past, we are pleased to see the success of this collaboration and to continue to support the regulatory community. GSA Europe is likewise collaborating with European Regulators as it works on the iGaming Regulatory Reporting Interface (RRI) standard.”

GSA’s Regulatory Committee is open to all regulators from across the industry spectrum and focuses on developing standards to address regulatory concerns. For more information, visit and join GSA on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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