Gaming Standards Association release new standards

Gaming Standards Association, Ethan Tower
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The Gaming Standards Association (GSA) recently released 11 new mature standards, among which is an updated S2S (System-to-System) standard and a new specification called SSI (Simple System Interface). The new S2S and SSI are designed to increase operator and developer efficiencies and provide R&D potential.

In its new release, S2S is fully aligned with GSA’s G2S standard, making it easier to dispatch G2S transactions and to extend G2S functionality to other end-points. In this latest S2S update, message handling and communications requirements have been simplified, while unnecessary and redundant features have been removed.

The bottom line is the S2S protocol is now easier – easier to implement, easier to test, and easier to operate.

“The bottom line is the S2S protocol is now easier – easier to implement, easier to test, and easier to operate,” said S2S Committee Chair, Jeff Shephard of IGT. “From its inception, GSA has been creating standards to increase creative and profit potential. This new version of S2S is the latest milestone in GSA’s journey, and we are very pleased to present it.”

Additionally, GSA released a new specification, SSI. Designed to address implementer needs, SSI provides a method to achieve simpler client-server mode of operation where the full power of S2S is not required. SSI accomplishes this by providing implementers with a simple and efficient method for accessing system resources.

“The initial SSI release includes a limited set of functionality designed to deliver G2S events to a third-party server. With all of GSA’s standards, we constantly seek feedback from operators, suppliers, and regulators, and if the SSI concept proves popular, additional functionality will be added in future releases,” said GSA Protocol Director Ethan Tower.

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