Hampleton Partners manages NMi sale to GLI

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The international technology M&A advisory firm, Hampleton Partners, has advised the UK Founders of NMi Metrology & Gaming Ltd in the sale to GLI Group.


The firm managed the UK founders of Bangor, Wales-based NMi Metrology and Gaming Ltd in the sale to New Jersey-based GLI Group (GLI).

Andrew Rosewarne, director, NMi Metrology & Gaming said: “At NMi, we had a clear idea of our strategic and personal priorities in a transaction. Hampleton Partners helped manage the process smoothly from start to finish, leading to a transaction with the perfect partner. It was a pleasure working with them.”

“We are delighted to have advised on this transaction,” said Miro Parizek, Principal Partner at Hampleton. “This is yet another great example of Hampleton’s dedicated expertise and how we apply proven experience to execute an optimal transaction in a complex, regulated technology-based industries”

The advisory firm confirmed the engagement was led by Jonathan Simnett, Director at Hampleton, using a proven methodical, structured and open approach to M&A that creates multiple options leading to the most rewarding transactions.

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