Imperial Pacific Holdings face further construction delays

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Imperial Pacific International Holdings has requested the Commonwealth Casino Commission extend the deadline on construction of its $7bn IR on the island of Saipan.

The casino operator has already altered the licence agreement five times, most recently agreeing on an August 31 completion date, however the commission is unlikely to continue elongating the construction period indefinitely.

“Before it was manpower, then issue with the materials, but now you have materials here on Saipan,” said CCC chairman Juan Sablan in a statement.

“Ask for a date that’s realistic, because if you pick a date that is unrealistic that would require another extension, violations in the agreement require sanctions.”

The site is currently 68 percent complete, with building work focused on the resort hotel and tower and the external works in front of the hotel lobby.

Though IPI reports it is already in discussions with the island’s Development Planning Advisory Council to put together an extension package, the firm would still need to await government approval on the request.

“The development of the resort hotel experienced a big jump and we are trying to [do] everything and get ready for the inspection by the end of the year,” said IPI VP for construction Eric Poon.

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