Implosion slated for Riviera towers

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The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has approved the demolition of the shuttered Monaco and Monte Carlo towers of the Riviera casino resort on the Las Vegas Strip.

The two high-profile implosions will take place this summer, as part of a $42m (E37.3m) demolition agreement struck between the LVCVA and construction firm WA Richardson Builders. Prior to the felling of the towers, wrecking balls and bulldozers will demolish the lower-rise buildings, including the Riviera’s parking garages and convention centre. The cost of the work is higher than originally anticipated, due to the finding of asbestos in the towers – which requires removal prior to demolition.

The 26-acre Riviera site was acquired by the LVCVA last February and ceased operating three months later. Once the home of headline acts such as Frank Sinatra and Liberace, the property opened as the first high-rise casino in the city in April of 1955. Its iconic sign was taken down on April 11, but is to be preserved at a museum for neon signs currently being developed in Reno.

Once cleared, the site will be used to expand the ongoing Las Vegas Convention Center project.

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