Industrias Lorenzo pressing the right buttons at G2E Las Vegas

ICR - Industrias Lorenzo EAE
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Building on a strong reception at this year’s editions of ICE and EAE in Romania, Industrias Lorenzo S.A will be spotlighting two new lines of illuminated push buttons, ILNeo IPB and the PUSH 2.0 IPB for G2E 2017.


The illuminated ILNeo SM4-22, which features a striking halo effect, is designed and manufactured in the firm’s facilities under strict quality controls, and utilising the highest quality materials.

With its distinctive shape and chromed frame, the company states that the ILNeo SM4-22 line will deliver “the elegance and style that your gaming machines deserve”.

The ILNeo SM4-22 is available with a variety different configurations, including chromed bezel, polished black, or in any other colour, while the halo can also be produced in different colours.

These new push-buttons can be easily installed on the panels of a machine, taking advantage of the existing cut out.

Meanwhile the PUSH 2.0 IPB features a chrome finish, allowing the operators of AGT machines which already utilise the PUSH 1.0 IPB on their panels to update their machines with “a renewed and modern image”.

The PUSH 2.0 IPB is also available with different configurations on the finishing and colour of the bezel and halo.

Both new new families of push-buttons include Industrias Lorenzo’s SM4 Fixing System, which offers a fast, exact and ergonomic way to fix the lampholder to the button.

Forthearcademarket,Industrias Lorenzo will be showcasing its Push Buttons with RGBLE Daswellas Non-Illuminated Push Buttons with chromed bezel, allowing operators to bring a further touch of modernity to the amusements sector.



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