Inspired and Degree 53 debut world’s first on-demand virtual golf game

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Degree 53 has partnered with Inspired Gaming to release the world’s first on-demand virtual golf game, Rush Golf Live.


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he leading gaming supplier, Inspired Gaming, has joined forces with digital agency, Degree 53, to develop the world’s first on-demand virtual golf game, Rush Golf Live.

Working together, the two companies designed different elements of the game which has been launched on Betfred’s virtual sports platform.

Degree 53’s experts provided design and user experience (UX) for the game, front-end development and bespoke game logic to integrate into Inspired’s remote gaming system.

Inspired Gaming created the host platform, video content, number generator and betting transactions for the game

Rush Golf Live’s premise is based on a Ryder Cup tournament with six of Europe’s golfing elites who the player is able to select which golfers play who on each individual holes.

Commenting on the release of the game, MD of Degree 53, Andrew Daniels, said: “It’s great to have developed a product that is truly the first of its kind in the online gambling sector. Rush Golf Live is really innovative in that it’s a combination of real life footage and CGI. We believe this makes it one of the best virtual products currently on the market.”

He adds: “We have a passion for creating online gambling solutions that offer an exciting, enjoyable and intuitive user experience. Working with Inspired Gaming is another example of how we can work with other companies in the sector to combine our expertise and integrate different elements to create a product that not only meets, but often exceeds the client’s vision.”


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