IPI falls short of Mariana Resort bid as Kan Pacific lessens involvement

IPI, Mariana Resort, Kan Pacific
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Imperial Pacific International has failed in its bids to operate the Mariana Resort in Saipan, after Kan Pacific relinquished its 40 year management on 30 October.

Despite receiving permission to operate below its five-star permit from the Mariana Islands’ Lottery Commission, IPI was unable to submit a satisfactory Request for Proposal.
“Request for Proposals for the temporary management of the former Mariana Resort has already expired,” said Department of Public Lands secretary Marianne Concepcion- Teregeyo.
“No agreement has been signed between DPL and the lone proposer, Grand Mariana, now known as Imperial Pacific International.”
The DPL has now divided the resort into three parts, with RPF open individually on the golf course, hotel and race course, with IPI already applying for separate permission to run the latter two operations.
The DPL will consider the applications, which include a bid by Kan Pacific to solely manage the golf course, after the resort has been cleared of emergency personnel currently utilising the accommodation as part of the Typhoon Yutu relief effort.
Construction still continues on IPI’s Saipan Imperial Palace resort, which recently asked for an extension on its construction deadline to late 2020.

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