Ireland looks to establish independent gaming regulator

David Stanton Junior Justice Minister Ireland gambling regulator
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Junior justice minister David Stanton has confirmed the government plans to establish an independent gambling regulator by the end of next year.


The new body will have up to 100 staff and will reportedly be funded largely by bookmakers. “You are going to be talking about money laundering, you’re going to be talking about problem gambling, enforcement, licensing, research, regulation, inspection, so you could have up to 100 people working in this authority with that kind of expertise, said Stanton, speaking during the Seminar on Future Licensing and Regulation of Gambling in Ireland.

“That is why I decided to propose to Government to set up an independent regulator, rather than having an office in the department, because we just wouldn’t have that kind of expertise.”

The minister highlighted that Ireland has an EUR8bn gambling industry but was one of the few remaining EU countries not to have an independent regulator.

Representatives from the UK Gambling Commission visited Ireland last year for talks with Stanton and his officials, while the Department of Justice has also met with gambling regulators in France and Malta.

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