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During ICE this year, Macau sent its largest tade delegation to an international gaming show. Jay Chun, chairman of the world gambling capital’s trade association MGEMA, set out the rationale during a largely attended reception. Talking about visions and an outward looking program, Macau’s industry luminary told a global audience what to expect.


“This is our second reception here in London, and thanks to the support and encouragement of our Government, the visiting delegation from the Macau and Chinese business community continues to grow. This year we are here as a group of almost 30-strong; next year our association and the Macau government will be hoping to partner in bringing a delegation nearer to one hundred.

“And this is the key message that the Macau and Chinese business community are hoping to deliver here and going forward – we want to bring our marketplace closer and more actively engaged within a truly worldwide industry. And that’s a journey we in the MGEMA are looking to pioneer alongside our colleagues and friends, both here tonight and around the industry worldwide.

“We believe that the best way to progress is by being outward looking, globally thinking and developing the key relationships that establish real bonds to enable our businesses and our communities to move forward and prosper together.

“We are very lucky to have built some significant relationships over our short time as a trade association – and we bring important partnerships to this arena. Our members are some of the most influential businesses in Asia; our Government in the Macau SAR is a strong supporter of our activities and sponsors our annual exhibition – the MGS Entertainment Show; and our vibrant region opens the door to two of the most important markets in the world: mainland China and the new and emerging neighbouring markets around the entire Asia Pacific continent.

“And vitally important to us as a trade association is the active participation of the People’s Republic of China Government whose Liaison Office in Macau has a direct representative who sits on our board as an advisor.

“Our work through the MGS exhibition and Summit has added a substance to our activities; our partnership with the SAR Government and the Beijing has brought real gravitas to our cause; and the innovation of our membership echoes through all the corridors of international gaming and entertainment.

“This is the exciting prospect we’ve come to London to talk about and share with our international colleagues – and we believe that Macau, through our association and partnerships, opens this door to a greater trading exchange for operations across the world.”

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