JCM debuts diversified product offering at ICE 2018

jcm ice
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Cash handling specialists JCM Global showcased a range of products for every sector of the industry at ICE 2018, with the company aiming to position itself as the go-to solution provider for the casino market.


“JCM is well recognised in the bill validation and cash handling sector but at ICE 2018 we are aiming to show customers that we have diversified beyond this,” explained JCM’s EMEA general manager, Payam Zadeh. “This year’s ICE has been very successful for us and we’ve had a lot of interest from operators who are interested in the solutions we’re presenting at the show.”

For ICE 2018, JCM demonstrated its transformative new FUZION technology for the EMEA market.

When paired with the company’s iVIZION bill validator and GEN5 printer, FUZION can enable each slot machine to become a multi-line profit centre with the potential to vend and redeem lottery, race, and sports betting tickets; conduct cross-enterprise promotional couponing; and enable real-time currency exchange.

“In the casino market player retention is key, so by offering the extended functionality that FUZION can provide we can aid operators in that process,” Zadeh continued.

“Additionally, compliance with AML requirements is also a major concern for the casino sector.

“Reflecting this, FUZION is able to detect dye-stained notes, read the serial numbers, and generate reports, so operators can see where the money is coming from.”

Powering FUZION is the iVIZION bill validator, field-proven globally with more than 250,000 units shipped to date.

The iVIZION incorporates CIS technology which scans and reads over 9.5m data points on every note, more than twice that of the nearest competitor.

Printing solutions for the casino industry begin with the GEN5, featuring fast CPU, print speed, and the flexibility to print TITO tickets, wager tickets and templated promo coupons.

Beyond cash and ticket handling, the casino section of JCM’s stand also highlighted the company’s Intelligent Cash Box (ICB) 3.0 drop management system, which provides real-time health monitoring data and predictive drop and maintenance scheduling to increase operational efficiency.

“Everybody’s talking about cashless at the moment – from an operational perspective, one of the reasons for this is that handling cash is expensive,” Zadeh stated.

“At present, many operators are counting a machine’s takings manually, which also presents security issues.

“We want to help operators reduce the cost of this process while at the same time increasing security.

“The Intelligent Cash Box system allows to operator to take the cash box from the slot machine, and put it on a reader in the back office which informs them exactly how much cash it contains, optimising the process from both a security and efficiency perspective,” he concluded.



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