JCM Global signs exclusive master supply agreement with Eldorado Resorts

Signing agreement
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JCM Global has signed an exclusive master supply agreement with Eldorado Resorts, Inc. helping the company to deepen and expand its connection with its players. Under the agreement, JCM will provide its bill validators and printers for all 26 Eldorado gaming properties in the U.S.

The agreement is an expansion of existing relationships between JCM and certain Eldorado properties and a conversion for other properties. JCM will provide its iVIZION and UBA bill validators and its GEN5 and GEN2U printers. Eldorado has also been using JCM’s award-wining ICB Intelligent Cash Box system at many of its properties.

“The source of Eldorado’s continued success is our focus on innovative ways to interact with our loyal customer base,” said Anthony Carano, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Eldorado Resorts, Inc. “The JCM/ERI relationship is an important part of providing our guests with the unbelievable experience they expect from Eldorado Resorts.”

“We are humbled that Eldorado Resorts has chosen JCM and JCM products for its enterprise-wide transaction strategy,” said JCM Sr VP of Sales and Operations Dave Kubajak. “Operators worldwide – in gaming, banking, and other industries – trust and rely on JCM’s award-winning products to provide the perfect combination of security and player convenience along with unsurpassed service. The end results are transactions that are secure, accurate, compliant, and increase connections between operator and patron.”

JCM’s iVIZION’s CIS technology scans the entire note or ticket, reading more than 9.5 million data points on every note, more than twice that of the nearest competitor. The UBA is world-famous for its combination of superior magnetic and optical sensing technology and anti-pullback technology.

Player convenience increases with JCM’s GEN2U and GEN5, which are fast, flexible, and powerful with more memory and faster print speeds to print TITO and promotional tickets.

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