JCM Global to bring Fuzion technology to G2E 2017

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JCM Global’s award-winning line of transaction solutions has been helping operators make real connections with customers for decades. Now in booth #4039 at G2E 2017, JCM is showing the bill validators, printers, promotional solutions, and digital media operators need to take customer connections to the next level.


Leading the way to the future is JCM’s revolutionary FUZION® technology, which stole the show last year in a back-room preview. Now fully realised, FUZION is ready to adapt onto any provider of the casino management systems and address any regulatory challenges. When paired with JCM’s iVIZION® bill validator and GEN5™ printer, the transformative FUZION technology unleashes the power of what if.

Powering FUZION is the iVIZION bill validator, the foundation of intelligent validation. iVIZION is field-proven globally with more than 250,000 units shipped to date. Its CIS technology scans the entire note or ticket, reading more than 9.5 million data points on every note, more than twice that of the nearest competitor, plus it has a unique capability to read 2D barcodes, and its intelligent bezel enables mobile connection for additional FUZION functionality.

FUZION’s capabilities come to life when paired with the GEN5 printer. Field-proven, the GEN5 builds on the successful foundation of the universally successful GEN platform and has a faster CPU and faster print speed, resulting faster customer connections. It has the flexibility to print TITO and promotional tickets, plus various wager tickets and templated promo coupons.

FUZION integrates with JCM’s ICB® 3.0 drop management system, which is field-proven to save operators 100s of 1000s of dollars annually. FUZION takes ICB to the next level by providing real-time health monitoring data and predictive drop and maintenance scheduling to dramatically increase operational efficiency.

Next, JCM’s PromoNet 2.0 is the field-proven, floor-wide couponing solution that delivers the right promotion to the right customer at the right time. It allows operators of all sizes to identify high-value anonymous players, direct promotions to most valuable players, enhance player experience, and maximize results using business analytics. PromoNet increases amount of play, decreases un-earned awards, and lets each individual operator control levels of compensation.

Lastly, JCM’s booth will outshine the rest thanks to its stunning array of digital displays from PixelPro technologies. With completely configurable PixelPro Max displays, operators can deliver their message their way anywhere across the property – casino floor, bars, entertainment venues, sportsbook, bingo hall, convention area, and more. PixelPro displays are lightweight, have low energy usage, no noise, and ultimate flexibility. PixelPro FLEX empowers operators to unleash video creativity because each panel can flex convex or concave by 30 degrees for incredible displays anywhere you can imagine them. PixelPro Cubes have a flexible modular design that allow operators to configure video cubes to into interesting 3-D shapes.

STAND #4039