JCM Global receives additional patents for its breakthrough Fuzion technology

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JCM Global has received additional patents for its Fuzion technology. The company affirms that it “has been aggressively pursuing comprehensive patent protection” on its Fuzion system, with US Patent No. 10,140,817 just the latest in a long line of patents JCM has earned for innovative products.

“We are thrilled to continue to receive additional patents for our Fuzion technology,” said JCM Global’s SVP of Sales and Operations, David Kubajak. “JCM’s spirit of innovation dates back to the company’s beginning in 1955, and ever since, our global teams of developers have been relentless in their pursuit of innovative products and technologies that help our customers operate their casino floors in more secure, more profitable ways.”
Fuzion was first unveiled to the gaming industry at G2E and earned immediate and widespread accolades from attendees, thanks to its ability to greatly enhance functionality at an electronic gaming machine (EGM).
When paired with JCM’s iVizion bill validator, JCM’s Gen5 thermal printer, and JCM’s PNA network device; Fuzion technology creates endless possibilities for new technology benefits on the casino floor.
These benefits include iIncreased revenue; Fuzion turns any EGM into a multi-function kiosk through iPromo, by printing and redeeming tickets for external systems (Promotional, lottery, sports, pari-mutuel, fantasy sports, etc.).
Fuzion also provides enhanced security, the system actively monitors on every machine for money laundering, and other suspicious activities. Every transaction has a bill image and serial number for detailed reporting of cashbox contents.
Alongside this, Fuzion improves efficiency, monitoring the real-time performance of any connected device, and allows remote upgrading of firmware, and assists in automated W2G forms for Jackpot processing.
Additionally, the technology allows for added mobile connectivity. Fuzion provides a mobile connection to the EGM and peripherals, permitting new features such as Mobile I/O, Mobile Wager Wallet, iTITO, and Mobile User Interfaces.