Successful Juegos Miami sets new records as Clarion prepare to invest in the future

Juegos Miami 2017 Opening Ceremony Clarion
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Following a highly successful second edition of Juegos Miami, which witnessed an increase across all key performance indicators, show organisers Clarion Gaming have confirmed they are consulting with stakeholders in order to plan the next important stage in its development as it transitions into an established and respected event dedicated to the Pan Latin American and Caribbean gaming industry.


Speaking after the event closed on June 2, Kate Chambers, Managing Director of Clarion Gaming, said: “We have been extremely encouraged by the profile of the delegates, the calibre of the speakers, the quality of the training and the feedback we have received from exhibitors. Whilst there remains a lot to do in terms of refining the offering, I am confident that Juegos Miami has safely avoided the ‘second show syndrome’, which impacts many launch events, and that we can plan, in partnership with the industry, to take it on the journey that all successful event brands embark on.”

She added: “We have spent many hundreds of hours researching the market and listening to the needs of stakeholders to launch an event which meets the specific needs of the industry, rather than our interpretation of those needs.  We are committed to continuing this process of collaboration and investment in order to take the brand forward. The Clarion Gaming strategy is to work with stakeholders throughout the world in order to help nurture and sustain gaming economies over the long term. Juegos Miami is a perfect case study of a professional event organiser working with the market for the betterment of the industry.”

Giving some perspective to the importance and rapid development of the event, John Malin, Sales Director for Quixant UK, said: “Last year, we were one of the founding members of Juegos Miami; immediately it was clear that this was a very important event for the Latin American sector. There has been definite growth in the stature of the show even in this short time – the attendance of gaming professionals was much greater. It (Juegos Miami) has already evolved into a significant date in the global gaming calendar.”

Outline statics, which are still subject to final confirmation, indicate a 9% increase in the number of regulators, a 2% increase in registrations from operators and more total unique countries including first -time representation from: Bahamas; Bolivia; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Georgia; Haiti; Hong Kong; Japan; Kazakhstan; Marshall Islands; Morocco; Slovakia; South Africa; Taiwan, and Ukraine.

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