JUMBO JOKER joins Betsoft’s classic slots collection

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Betsoft Gaming has release a classic slots-themed game: JUMBO JOKER.


“JUMBO JOKER is Betsoft’s fresh take on the traditional, much-beloved fruit machine that is a staple of land-based casinos,” the company said in a statement.

The game features two tiers of reels and the thrilling JUMBO METER, which is activated after any win of 20 coins or higher on the lower tier of reels. A player can choose to collect their winnings, or Go Jumbo! and wager them again on the higher reels.

“JUMBO JOKER is an ideal choice for players who appreciate the classic slots genre,” said Dan Cooper, Betsoft’s head of product development.

“The game offers a level of strategy that most traditional slots lack, and we feel that this will appeal to players who enjoy a more in-depth experience. Mystery Wins that occur during the JUMBO METER mode keep the gameplay riveting so there is always something new with every spin.”

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