Keno tops the TVBet live-games chart in Europe

TVBet Live Keno
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TVBet recently conducted an analysis of their most popular live games in Europe. According to the latest data, in the first quarter of 2021, live Keno became the headliner among its games: 38 percent of all bettors on TVBet online-streaming games preferred to bet on Keno. The provider shares his thoughts on why Keno has become a favorite game among European players.


Well-known game in in a new format

The game Keno has long been known worldwide and attracts more and more fans every day. As legends say, it originated in Ancient China in the distant 200 BC. According to the game’s classic rules, a player must select from 1 to 20 numbers at random on a lottery ticket and register this ticket. Then, during the game itself, which is broadcast on TV, the presenter places 80 numbered balls into the lottery drum, randomly selecting 20 numbers. The more numbers from the winning combination the player has guessed, the bigger the prize. The rules may vary slightly from country to country.

TVBet has adapted the Keno game for the world of the Internet and online technologies. Now there is no need to search for tickets, buy and register them. It is enough to visit your favorite casinos or bookmaker’s website or go to a betting shop, find in its suite Keno from TVBet, and place a bet on any outcome.

At the same time, the rules are similar to the classic ones. The dealer greets the participants, 80 numbered balls are dropped into the lottery drum and get mixed. Then twenty numbers are randomly selected from the mixed lottery balls one by one and placed in the tubes of the game result.

And the main advantage is that you don’t have to wait a week to try your luck, as is the case with Keno on TV when draws are held once a week. Live Keno from TVBet runs around the clock in a live format, 24/7 every day. The whole game lasts for about 2,5 minutes, and then there is a small technical break.

Wide variety of betting options

TVBet offers an extensive betting line in Keno, which attracts players with the possibility of big wins. The main betting option is as follows:

The player may choose up to 10 out of 80 numbers and then place a bet on the set of chosen numbers to be drawn or on these numbers not to be drawn. Besides, there are more additional betting variants: on overall total, first 5 drawn balls total, first drawn ball total, first drawn ball even/odd, last drawn ball total, last drawn ball even/odd, etc.


Not surprising that Keno is one of the most popular TVBet games. After all, live Keno combines everyone s favorite classics with new opportunities and various betting options. All this attracts customers and does not leave them indifferent.

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