Konami’s Beat Square wins Best Slot Product in 17th Annual Gaming & Technology Awards

Casino Review - Konami Gaming beat square

Konami Gaming, Inc. announced first place honours for its Beat Square skill-based music game in the 17th Annual Global Gaming Business Gaming & Technology Awards.


Leveraging the company’s expertise in consumer arcade and video game entertainment, Beat Square challenges gamers to play, compete, and prove their skill in a game of rhythmic coordination across a lighted touch pad comprised of 16 square buttons.

Players compete simultaneously during tournament mode and earn cash during single player mode. Both modes include a rich variety of new and recognizable tunes at different defined skill levels.

“Beat Square offers a totally unique type of engagement unlike anything else available in the market and is designed to drive untapped audiences,” said Steve Walther, senior director, marketing and product management.

“It is not only the industry’s first rhythmic dexterity skill-based experience, it is also the first skill-based game with built-in, comprehensive tournament functionality – allowing operators to launch synchronised competitions across eight machines with live scorekeeping, multi-player teams, and selectable song sets.”