Konami highlights Concerto SeleXion Multi-game for PGS 2017

ICR - Concerto PGS
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Konami will demonstrate the breadth of its top Concerto game releases for Latin America on its leading multi-game technology at this June’s Peru Gaming Show.


Konami Gaming has announced that its Concerto SeleXion will be the focal point of this year’s Peru Gaming Show (PGS).

This edition of the show will see Konami present a variety of leading Concerto KP3+ game themes and multi-game options for gaming professionals in the region to see and explore firsthand.

The company’s Concerto video slots have already seen outstanding global performance, which Konami is now combining with its popular SeleXion multi-game technology for even greater operator value and player entertainment.

“Konami’s SeleXion multi-game has a strong track record of performance and profitability that our casino customers across Latin America have long recognised since it first arrived on Podium,” said Eduardo Aching, VP of international sales at Konami.

“Our Concerto SeleXion is created with the same commitment to quality and proven game math that customers have enjoyed with Podium, and because of its modernised design, new creative content, and enhanced HD digital game screens, Concerto provides far greater performance for reaching today’s players.”

Konami will feature more than 30 different game themes at PGS 2017 and a variety of standalone progressive games.

Additionally, casinos have the flexibility to configure custom game packages according to their unique player audience, as well as various options for denomination, language, and currency.

At PGS, attendees will have the opportunity to see SeleXion on Konami’s original Concerto upright and the all-new Concerto Slant.

“Our customers across Latin America have been anticipating the arrival of Concerto Slant because it is an exceptionally popular format for their core players and because Concerto’s cinematic game screens create an immersive experience that players can relax and enjoy,” said Aching.

The SeleXion can feature up to ten games on a single machine as well as a standalone progressive, so players have access to a diverse mix of titles.

Operators can choose from the latest KP3+ platform Concerto games like Chili Chili Fire and Sparkling Roses, or popular classics from Podium KP3 such as Celestial Celebration and Dragon’s Law.

“Concerto SeleXion is a smart investment for our customers because it is backed by a long-term lifecycle of value, with the same high-calibre standards that Konami established with Podium,” Aching said. “For that reason, it’s our core focus for PGS 2017 and a must-see for anyone attending.”

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