LatAm gaming needs a strong Juegos Miami to really progress, states Zuum Gaming, Director

ICR - Zuum Gaming Juegos Miami Igor Cimerman
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“A strong Juegos Miami is essential if we are to have a strong and really vibrant industry in the region” argued Igor Cimerman, Director of electronic table games developer, Zuum Gaming.


As Zuum which has a strong presence throughout the majority of countries in Latin America, prepares to attend the bespoke business event, he explained: “It’s invaluable for gaming interests in LatAm to have a professional rallying point: to be able to bring the majority of decision makers together under one roof is amazing.  As far as the regulators are concerned, it’s an opportunity for them to understand the issues facing the industry and the best method for them to engage with the industry face-to-face.”

In addition to expanding its contacts throughout the region, the company’s aim from attending Juegos Miami is to explore the full extent of the learning and networking programmes, which are key components of the Juegos Miami experience.  “There are many markets in LatAm which are still considered ‘undiscovered’ and we want to use Juegos Miami to discuss and hear the regulatory updates for all of the emerging markets” he said.  “There are some very interesting presentations, not least on the current progress of the new gaming law in Brazil.”

The cultural importance in Latin America of conducting business face-to-face has been identified by Igor Cimerman as a key driver behind the growing importance of the event which has been created to meet the specific needs of the region.  “Every company that’s active in gaming is now, to a greater or lesser degree, an international brand, which means understanding and responding to the cultural differences that exist between continents” he said.  “For example, in Europe it’s acceptable to do business by email or Skype, whereas in LatAm this is not looked upon positively.  Personal contact and the trust that comes from being able to meet people face-to-face and share time at an event such as Juegos Miami are the ways in which relationships are built and business and supply deals are agreed.”

Juegos Miami features a powerful, strategic and hands-on learning programme presented alongside a line-up of inspirational exhibitors and sponsors.  Attendance is limited to senior decision makers from operating companies as well as government and regulators from the Latin American and Caribbean region.  To apply for a place at the C-Level event, register at

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