Let’s do the time warp again

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Theoretical physics, crime and Mark Wahlberg have all found their way to Mediawatch this month no doubt enticed by the lights they will soon be blinded by.

There are very few ways to preface the following absurdity so it is best to just be blunt, in Las Vegas a paranormal investigator reckons he’s discovered a time warp.

CBS Los Angeles of all places reports that one Joshua Warren believes himself to be the first ever person to discover a time warp, located quite luckily for the Las Vegas native, just outside the city.

Warren, who it is probably safe to assume doesn’t have a very busy social life, has apparently been measuring time for many years, which funnily enough, most people with watches have also been doing.

The horological hero of the day has taken particular interest in an area stretching between the city of sin and the purported site of Area 51 and it is here that he believes to have made the discovery to end all discoveries.

Using what is known as a differential time rate meter Warren recorded a slowing down of literal time by 20 microseconds, which anyone with a passing interest in theoretical physics (or access to wikipedia) knows to be impossible.

“The big question at this point is not whether or not we have these anomalies, but what’s causing them?” Warren said. “Is this something natural that gives us a window a gateway into another world or another level of reality? Or is this the byproduct of some kind of weird technology, be it something secret and man- made or something that’s extraterrestrial?”

Moving on and staying within the confines of the known space time continuum we find news that the Macau government is taking a rather hardline approach over Chinese whispers.

The powers at be are planning to establish a criminal charge for people that are found to be spreading rumours regarding civil protection or social stability with a maximum sentence of three years.

Such is an issue with regulating something as vague as “rumours” it is hard to see how the charges will be defined let alone policed. Nevertheless secretary for security, Wong Sio Chak has stated the new laws will not impact a free press despite them seeming to be the most obvious use.

Back in the states and in more positive news, The Hard Rock casino in Atlantic City has opened in typically boisterous fashion, or so says NJTV.

To mark the momentous moment celebrities and stakeholders smashed up a stageful of guitars as part of an opening show that featured confetti and dancing robots amongst other things.

“We’re committed to this market not just because there’s a gaming opportunity. We believe in Atlantic City, we believe in the state of New Jersey, and we truly believe Atlantic City’s best days are in front of it,” said Jim Allen, Hard Rock International chair and CEO.

The new Ocean Resort Casino also opened in the town, but did so with just a ribbon cutting so gets last place in Mediawatch, Mark Whalberg did bet on the NFL though, so that is at least one good tweet for the social team.

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