Link King arrives at Regency Entertainment casinos

Link King, Bryke
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Zitro has deployed its Bryke video slots in Greece with installations at Thessaloniki and Mont Parnes, both operated by Regency Entertainment.

“At the last ICE trade show in London we were struck by the impressive presentation of Zitro’s Bryke products, and we thought that they could be an attractive option to diversify the already complete range of games that Regency Entertainment makes available to its customers,” said Ian Gosling, COO of Regency Entertainment.

“Today our expectations have been confirmed, as our customers have welcomed
the video slots Bryke from Zitro, and in particular Link King, with a remarkable enthusiasm.”

The first Zitro products to reach the casinos are the Link King progressive bank and the Pick and Win stand- alone multi-games, both on the cutting-edge Fusion platform, a cabinet which combines the most advanced technology with an ultra-slim design.

“Regency Entertainment is considered a reference in the global gaming industry among the casino operators. It is an honour and a privilege for us to have our Bryke gaming machines at Regency Casino Thessaloniiki and Regency Casino Mont Parnes, because we believe that this implies
recognition of a job well done,” stated Sebastian Salat, CEO of Zitro.

“We are extremely grateful to Regency Entertainment for giving us the opportunity to show, also in Greece, the quality and performance that our products have already demonstrated in many other markets in Europe and the World.”

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