TVBET’s tips to ensure a successful product launch for sportsbooks

TVBET live games provider tips product launch on sportsbooks
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The leading live games provider has honed a reliable strategy to ensure the successful launch of TVBET’s products on its partners’ platforms.


Launching a new product on the online market can be a complicated process for betting operators, all the more so given the competitiveness of the market. For this reason, it’s not enough just launch your product, unless it’s backed by a solid marketing strategy.

When creating their marketing plans, sports betting operators need to analyse both their target audience’s needs and to research their competitors. The second point is particularly important as sportsbooks now have to survive in a sector where consumers can select from a wide variety of options.

Leading B2B live games provider TVBET has honed a reliable strategy to ensure the successful launch of the company’s products on its partners’ platforms.

Developed by TVBET’s analytical department, the company affirms this strategy will help sportsbooks attract more players and can increase their profit by up to 30 percent. The strategy comprises several simple steps:

• Add TVBET live-games to your content menu. The best thing is that operators receive the full suite of titles at once and not just a couple of games. It allows players to select between 11 original fast games, including Poker, WheelBet, and War of Elements. The company’s content portfolio offers something to suite every taste, all the more important considering the target audience for each particular operator varies depending on their location.
• Make games visible on your home page. Experience has shown that a separate tab with live dealer games by TVBET helps increase an operator’s total amount of bets. Visitors are more likely to click on the games tab when it is not hidden among dozens of other sections. • Promise a reward. While it’s something that is frequently overlooked by a lot of operators, it’s a proven fact that most players will opt for a platform with a generous reward system. Nice bonuses and diverse jackpots are a perfect tool to attract new players and this option is available with TVBET’s titles. A chance to win a jackpot or get a bonus encourages customers to bet more often. Even when a player hits the jackpot, the payout is not comparable to the revenue generated by the vast number of new customers who come to compete for the prize.
• Use marketing tools. Some sportsbooks neglect the importance of promo campaigns, losing out on a strong marketing tool to attract more users. TVBET offers a large set of bonuses, promo codes, cashback options, and other cool features that have already proved their effectiveness in increasing players’ interest in their live-games, especially during the launch phase.
• Get analytical support. TVBET provides its clients with regular analytical support, which ensures not just a successful launch but also a stable growth in GGR going forward.

Numerous sports betting operators have already evaluated the effectiveness of fast casino games in increasing their average amount of bets. 100 percent of TVBET’s global clients from Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America confirmed a monthly rise of between 25 to 30 percent.

Another advantage of live dealer games is that – unlike sporting events which can be impacted by differences in time zone and seasonality – they are broadcast 24/7, meaning that people can bet around the clock.

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