Lotus Gaming on ‘transcending the ordinary’ live casino experience

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With the emerging demand of online casino services, Lotus Gaming has opened its doors to the Southeast Asian market. In 2016, the firm started to operate in the Philippines and introduced itself as a gaming platform that will cater to its shareholders and gaming counterparts.

Today, it aims to “set the bar higher by developing a cutting-edge technology” which it hopes enables players to “maximise their gaming experience with great security and reliable payouts.

The firms comprehensive game guide is transcribed in 9 languages and 14 currencies. The company’s recent addition of Dynamic Gaming Platform aims to “fuse every players adrenaline and battle lust for hours”. The firm is now offering a new creative set of games called Lotus 5 and Red and White alongside with its existing games of Odd Even, Dragon & Tiger, Baccarat, Sicbo and Roulette.

Since Lotus Five is inspired from Texas Five, it is also played in the manner that the dealer places 3 sets of single cards in the left side of the table where in each single card has a corresponding 4 cards that are placed unrevealed on the right side of the table. The value of each single card on the left side of the table is then added to the value of its corresponding set of 4 cards on the right. Once the cards are revealed, what appears to be the winning set will be the one with the highest sum of value.

On the other hand, Red and White is a new and exciting game inspired from a Filipino street game that is usually held during fiesta celebrations. The street game is played using a mobile box made of square compartments. Here, the player throws a pingpong ball with the aim of landing on a compartment that has the corresponding colours of red and white.

Red and White is played starting with the dealer throwing a set of 3 balls. The balls should then be settled in the square where it has its same colour. The red ball should be set on the red square, the white ball should be set on the white square and the yellow ball should be set on the yellow square. The odds of the game will depend on the layout of the whole 100 square compartment which is inclusive of 49 red squares, 49 white squares and 2 yellow squares.

Lotus Gaming is also “taking aim at the action market” with Multi-gaming Platform. This consists of multiple mini games, side bets and a list of over 29 slot games – with “easy access designed to keep the players entertained for hours without losing the momentum and excitement of the game”.

Already impressed? Lotus Gaming has it more! It has several highlights of its betting chips and customisable pattern settings as well. This lets the players keep track of the bets, the game results to the date and time it was played, the starting balance, the betting amount, the winning amount and the ending balance.

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