Loutraki casino could face closure due to late wages


Club Hotel Casino Loutraki could be facing closure, as the operator’s failure to pay employees’ salaries has put the property’s future in doubt.

New gaming regulations introduced earlier this year stipulate that if employees are not paid within 30 days, a casino’s operating licence will be suspended for several months.

If this occurs on three successive occasions, the permit is permanently revoked.

Media reports in late May suggest the casino, located west of Athens, owes its workers two-and-a-half months salary, prompting an investigation by the Labor Inspection Squad, which forwarded its findings to the gaming regulator (EEEP).

The EEEP is expected to discuss Casino Loutraki’s situation at its next meeting, while that the regulator will also look at cases involving casinos in Rio, Corfu and Syros, which also owe their staff backpay.

Commentators suggest that the Greek government is eager to avoid a closure, which would see job losses, especially at at time when it is looking to attract operators for a new casino to be constructed at Elliniko.