Luckia selects JCM’s iVIZION for Spanish casinos

ICR - Luckia JCM Global iVIZION
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Spanish and Latin American gaming operator, Luckia Gaming Group, has opted to install JCM Global’s iVIZION within a trio of its Spanish casinos.


Luckia Group has chosen JCM Global’s award-winning iVIZION® bill validator for three of its casinos in Spain: Casino de Bilbao,Payam Zadeh Casino de Ceuta, and Casino de Mallorca.

The operator has confirmed that JCM’s iVIZION will replace a competitor’s product at each of the casinos and the iVIZION has been chosen after a month’s-long live field test.

JCM EMEA General Manager, Payam Zadeh, said: “We are excited that Luckia Group has chosen iVIZION for these three distinguished Spanish casinos. Operators worldwide rely on JCM’s iVIZION bill validator to offer unparalleled levels of protection against counterfeiters and other types of cheats, all with the exceptional speed that makes iVIZION the better, smarter, faster solution.”

The iVIZION, which JCM claims offers strong defense against cheats with a powerful combination of counterfeit detection and anti-stringing technologies, includes Contact Image Sensing (CIS) technology which scans 9.5 million data points of every note, two times more than the nearest competitor.

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