Malta’s Tumas Group signs long-term contract with CPI

ICR - Patrick Demanuele, COO of the Tumas Group
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The Tumas Group has confirmed its long-term commitment to CPI’s SC Advance note acceptor with the signing of a Preferred Partnership Agreement.


Crane Payment Innovations (CPI), a Crane Co. Company, has announced that the Tumas Group in Malta has pledged its long-term allegiance to the SC Advance note acceptor by signing a Preferred Supplier Agreement.

Under this agreement, SC Advance will be specified on all new and replacement slot machines for the group, which manages Oracle Casino and Portomaso Casino.

CPI has claimed that performance and the fact that a note acceptor has the power to make or break the player experience and, accordingly, the bottom line, is why the Tumas Group has selected SC Advance.

Crane stated that the SC Advance is fortified with all the right technology to ensure the industry’s highest first-time acceptance rate for all notes, including those that are no longer crisp and new. Whereas other note acceptors may struggle to validate and accept notes that have become worn and torn over time, SC Advance excels – and that means more money makes it to the cashbox.

“With SC Advance, we are accepting bills faster, with the peace of mind that only fraudulent notes are being rejected,” said Patrick Demanuele, COO of the Tumas Group.

The Tumas Group initially turned to CPI to resolve a major issue they experienced with a competitor’s note acceptor. “We had laid new carpet, and the fluff it shed caused failures in the note acceptors we’d been using at the time. We were actually advised by one of our slot machine providers to try CPI, and I cannot understate what an excellent recommendation that was. We saw an immediate difference. SC Advance solved our problem completely,” said Demanuele.

When asked about other benefits to using CPI note acceptors, management at the Tumas Group praised SC Advance for having fewer moving parts (including no challenging belts), lower maintenance requirements and easy serviceability.

“We have never had any issues with the SC Advance,” Demanuele continued. “On the rare occasion we have contacted the CPI team, their response was immediate and professional. Signing the Preferred Partnership Agreement is a big win for both our companies, and we are thankful for the way SC Advance has improved our operations.”

In addition to specifying SC Advance on all slot machines, the Tumas Group plans to use SC Advance at its live table games in the future. Demanuele said, “We want all the tables in both our casinos equipped with SC Advance so we can improve our service and security. We’ll be able to streamline game results and focus more on interacting with our players, all while ensuring that each note played has been checked by a reliable note acceptor.”

Anette Jauch, CPI sales director – EMEA Gaming, said, “Our thanks go to the Tumas Group for their continued support, and we look forward to delivering even more value to them through our long-term agreement. We take our commitment to operator profitability very seriously at CPI, and we pride ourselves for having earned our leadership position in the industry.”

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