Megafeed set to transform data with new four-in-one platform solution

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Industry leading data-feed supplier Megafeed – the data wing of betting solutions supplier BetConstruct – has announced that it will be integrating four of its key products into a single comprehensive platform, making access to its high-quality live streams, odds feed, statistics and scouting data simpler and easier than ever.

Megafeed, the renowned live scouting data brand from BetConstruct, is set to transform its offering to operators by combining four industry-leading products within a single comprehensive platform.

With the roll-out of the new platform, Megafeed partners will be able to access unparalleled live video streaming, odds feed, match statistics and scouting data from a single source, creating a streamlined and effective system for delivering both breadth and depth of data to customers.

“Megafeed has been a renowned live scouting data provider in the industry for the past four years,” commented Samvel Nersisyan, head of Megafeed and VP of strategic partnerships at BetConstruct. “Now, for the first time, it is offering an all-in-one platform where several products are deployed together – live video streaming, odds feed, statistics and scouting data. This offering is based on three pillars: fast delivery, flexible sales model and broad coverage.

“We daily speak to traders and discuss their ideas for features that they want to see included in the platform. These additions will reduce the workload of traders, saving time and improving the quality of their work.”

Discussing the need for high-quality data solutions in today’s fast-paced industry, Nersisyan explained: “Once limited to basic statistics, that data – in the case of live scouting data for example – now includes everything from the injury time to the flight of a ball. The industry has moved to a stage where players view more matches and markets as a sign of the operator’s quality.”

Equalling the incredible range of events offered on BetConstruct’s sportsbook product, Megafeed’s odds feed offers more than 2000 markets across over 140 sports types. Every month, the firm supplies up-to-the-minute odds on more than 30,000 live events and 40,000 pre-match events, helping operators to broaden their offer and gain a vital edge over competition.

By combining multiple services in one product, Megafeed can deliver on rapid, wide-ranging and accurate data while minimising operational costs for its partners.

“Now we offer live scouting data that reaches traders in 0.5 seconds,” added Nersisyan. “The offer is enhanced with bespoke, non-average odds created by 350 traders. We also have a service to detect and prevent suspicious fixed matches through which our partners get information about risky matches.

“We believe that this market cannot be monopolized and controlled by two or three companies only, as BetConstruct Founder and CEO Vigen Badalyan mentioned last January. That’s why we are now working to bring an alternative to the arena, which will be beneficial for everyone in the industry.”

As Megafeed prepares to make a splash at ICE Totally Gaming 2018 – one of the world’s largest gaming events – the firm will continue to add improvements and additional features to its ground-breaking platform. Visitors to BetConstruct stand S1-350 during the show itself will be treated to a full demonstration of the product and its capabilities, complete with the latest upgrades and an expanded odds provision on a range of popular sports.

“We are gearing up for the official presentation at ICE 2018, and will be adding market-leading features in our flexible back office to surprise all betting companies who are in demand of data feed provider,” said Nersisyan. “At ICE there will be several surprises for traders and operators – things that will make their life easier.”

BetConstruct are on stand S1-350 at ICE London.

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