Mexico unlikely to see ‘substantial changes’ to gaming regulation as minister steps down

miguel Ángel Osorio Chong mexico
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Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong has resigned as head of the Secretariat of the Interior (Segob), the department which oversees Mexico’s regulator, the Dirección General de Juegos y Sorteos (DGJS).


Alfonso Navarrete Prida will replace Chong as Secretary, while the latter will reportedly be seeking a place in the Senate.

Miguel Ángel Ochoa, president of gaming trade body, AIEJA, emphasised that the change “would not affect the policy of the president Enrique Peña Nieto’s government in terms of gaming”.

“We are sure there will not be any changes during what remains of the current administration,” he stated Ochoa pointed out that the new secretary, Navarrete Prida, has already held two other positions at Segob.

“He’s not an out of the blue appointment, he knows the sector and is close to president Peña,” he added.

Gaming lawyers Alfredo Lazcano and Andrea Avedillo expressed regret that Chong was not able to move forward with plans to provide the gaming industry with a modernised legal framework during his term in office.

“Regrettably, this project has remained static, in the middle of the legislative process, for more than three years,” they stated.

Lazcano and Avedillo added that they do not “anticipate substantial changes” as far as the gaming is concerned arising from the new appointment.

“As long as the Senate does not discuss and then approve the new law, the most prudent thing is to maintain the line that the DGJS has so far,” they concluded.


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