Robot Chores: Shenzhen android to serve guests at MGS Entertainment Show

King Kong Sanbot Robot Shenzen
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Weighing in at 100 kg and measuring 145 cm, the new customer service-oriented robot named Sanbot King Kong will be greeting guests at the Qihan Technology Co., LTD booth at this year’s MGS Entertainment Show.


His impressive physique and automatically-adjusting centre of gravity allow him to carry an impressive 75 kg of freight, and the brackets on the front of King Kong’s body can hook up to different-size trays, storage boxes, printer, large monitors/screens and more.

King Kong has also installed the 3D vision simultaneous localization and mapping (vSLAM) cameras to support indoor positioning and navigation, autonomous route planning tasks. He sprints at up to 3.5 times the speed of a normal human walk (maximum 5m/s) and can run up to 18 hours on a single charge, returning to the charging station automatically when his battery runs low.

The robot was designed for B2B applications in jobs such as hotel receptionist, restaurant server, museum tour guide, shop customer greeter, security screener, hospital patient monitor, and school teacher aid.

King Kong can be specialised in casino to perform promotion tasks, casino navigation, and introduction of games with multiple languages and more, which will certainly benefit the gaming industry. You can interact with Elf and King Kong at the MGS Entertainment Show and experience for yourself what a Sanbot robot can do.

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