MGS Entertainment Show to feature Smart City theme

Macau Smart City
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As MGEMA chairman Jay Chun emphasised in his June interview for the Macau Daily Times, the 2017 MGS Entertainment Show is focused on creative ways to enhance the gaming experience. With new gaming markets in Southeast Asia, Japan and Brazil, it is critical for gaming companies to embrace new technologies in order to stay competitive.


Major innovations in robotics and automation, virtual and augmented reality, eSports and iGaming, and social media are the new normal. With technological advancements and trends in customer interests changing more quickly with every year, casinos and vendors are focusing their attention on keeping up with the times by driving innovation.

Gaming has long been an early adopter of new technologies. Seeking to diversify its business beyond traditional casino gaming, forward-thinking Macao-based company LT Game showed how the city streets could be brought indoors through its virtual reality bicycle experience at last year’s MGS Entertainment Show.

Stationary bicycles positioned in front of a large video screen simulated an outdoor experience while raising the heart rates of booth visitors keen to try it out. The LT Game booth also highlighted casino-floor technologies like a robotic card dealer for gaming tables, bringing a fun twist to the gaming experience.

The Smart City theme of the 2017 MGS Entertainment Show is designed to invite more imaginative ideas for integrating technology into daily life and into the gaming industry. With more and more everyday items like household appliances and automobiles connected to the Internet, integrated technologies will dominate the city of the future. Such smart-city innovations will be a boon to gaming companies by improving security and decreasing human error.

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