Unreliable mobile networks are harming the industry – argues BestBet360 CEO

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Dolan Beuthin, the founder and CEO of Nigerian sportsbook provider BestBet360, will be driving home his strong beliefs about the real opportunities that exist across the 34 countries where gaming is regulated as one of this year’s ICE Africa Champions.


Dolan Beuthin, founder and CEO of BestBet360

Speaking ahead of his appearance at the pan-African event where he will be championing the Nigerian gaming eco-system, the Bestbet360 CEO explained: “I am excited to explain to the gaming industry the truth about a city like Lagos, and a country like Nigeria, communicating the real opportunities that exist in the country.”

As one of more than 65 thought leaders contributing to the event’s learning streams, Beuthin will bring his extensive experience with the African sports betting market to a panel titled, Optimizing Payment Processing in a Market Dominated by Online Solutions. Reflecting on where the dominant trends in payment processing lie in terms of new live-betting and mobile technology, he said: “I think the biggest challenge we all face as operators is the bad mobile networks, and the high cost of data. This leads to a lot of failed payment transactions, as well as networks that are not geared towards mobile live in play. It is difficult for a player to place bets in such fast moving markets when the networks are both slow and unreliable.”

He added: “I have a strong belief that major development will happen in Africa in the payment solution space, which will be especially geared towards solutions for Africa, taking into account the networks and banks. I will also be taking part in a panel on how streaming services impact Sports Content, however I think that, once again, this is all dependent on the mobile cellular networks improving and phone mobile technology improving, as well as the streaming services providers taking this all into account when they develop a product.”

“It’s an exciting time for the industry and ICE Africa is well placed to help us showcase the ‘real’ opportunities which lie ahead,” Beuthin concluded. “I am most excited to see more live in play products, and to see any developments in the virtual gaming space on the show floor.”

For more information on all of the opportunities available at gaming’s only B2B pan-African event and to register, visit: www.iceafrica.za.com

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