Mr Green enlists gambling psychologist to analyse player behaviour

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Mr Green has taken on a chartered psychologist to evaluate the Green Gaming Predictive Tool launched last month.


Canadian psychologist Dr Richard Wood specialises in the study of gaming behaviour. His research focuses on developing effective responsible gaming strategies and he investigates both the individual causes of problem gambling, as well as the structural characteristics of games that can influence the gambling behaviour of vulnerable players.

The Green Gaming Predictive Tool is a responsible gaming initiative for the gaming industry that analyses the actual playing behaviour of a customer and combines it with the customer’s own perception of his or her playing behaviours.

Jesper Kärrbrink, CEO of Mr Green, said:  ”The best way to constantly develop and move forward is to test, evaluate and be transparent. This is how we and the gaming industry can learn what works based on our customers’ need to control their own risk behaviour.”

Through the tool, players will receive personalised insights and analysis about their gaming, along with alerts if their plays start to become risky.

Mr Green, in turn, will adjusts its offerings and communications based on the individual customer’s risk assessment. Players who exhibit a increased risk behaviours may be asked to set different limits for their playing or to step back from playing for a period of time.

”This evaluation will examine if the players get value from using this sort of high-tech tool,” said Wood.

“By combining player’s behavioural data and player feedback, we should be able to see the extent to which players agree with and act on the feedback, information and recommendations that they get.”

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