The Multiloteri to unveil new VLT system at Belgrade Future Gaming

ICR - Multiloteri VLT MLT One Belgrade
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The Czech company, The Multiloteri, will introduce a brand-new land-based VLT tablet gaming system, MLT one™, at the Belgrade Future Gaming exhibition (30 – 31 May, 2017).


The Multiloteri Ltd. has confirmed it will debut its brand-new VLT gaming system, MLT one™, at the upcoming Belgrade Future Gaming.

The company claims the MLT one™ will not only create a brand-new gaming segment for casinos but also allow The Multiloteri to target locations, where for varying reasons it has not been possible to operate land-based gaming.

The MLT one™ requires minimum installation requirements (1m2 is sufficient) but maximum space for the game which the company envisage will allow bars, hotel lobbies, terraces, rooms or swimming pools to be transformed into gaming places.

In addition, the Slot games, Roulette, Sic Bo, Sports Betting,… in the quantity of 10-20 VLT tablets MLT one™ are even capable of significantly increasing the yield of the floor area of Night Clubs, Sport Bars, VIP or smoking zones.

The Multiloteri stated: “The philosophy, when players themselves choose their place for gaming, is the future of land-based gaming, which will then become more discrete, elegant and interesting from a player’s point of view.”

The very sophisticated MLT one™ system and innovative design allows fully self-serviced and assisted operations with a combination of cash and electronic deposits as well as a locating MLT/SEWIO system, which monitors VLT tablets one™ in real time for secure operation and also player comfort.

The local and remote system management is commonplace and the centralised, personal and security reports in real time make the entire MLT one™ system more attractive.

The Multiloteri added: “The existing form of land-based gaming will, due to the MLT one™, undergo a significant change after a long series of years and most probably will determine its future.”

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