Nanoptix showcases new offerings with Suzo Happ at G2E Asia 2018, Las Vegas,

Las Vegas
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Nanoptix has chosen G2E Asia to showcase Paycheck NextGen’s capabilities. The company claim its new printer is “the first printer with an anti-jamming paper path, media connection, built-in network capability, USB hosts and slave ports, anti-spillage feature”, the firm aim to capitalise on the show’s popularity by displaying each major feature at their numerous stations throughout their booth.

The firm will also be displaying its Pull Tab Printer (Instant Pull Tab). With its proprietary paper from Slot-Tickets and a customised printer firmware, the company now offers a “more secure and cost efficient instant pull tab product”.

Leading up to this year’s G2E ASIA, Nanoptix has had a chance to develop customised printing solutions for industry leading companies. The company says it is looking forward to meeting global customers are looking forward to discussing our ability to answer their very specific needs to showcase the company’s commitment to put customers and their needs first.

“With a new exclusive distributor in place, Nanoptix is extremely excited to enter this new year with Suzo Happ. Our products will be displayed at the Suzo Happ booth 1219. As their printer of choice, Nanoptix Paycheck 4 TITO Printers will also be found within several gaming manufacturers’ booth’s Gaming Machines as well,” said a spokesperson for Nanoptix.

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