Revolutionising printer expectations: Nanoptix prepares for G2E

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As its popularity spreads throughout the gaming industry, Nanoptix will showcase at G2E with its most comprehensive product portfolio to date.


[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ttendees at this year’s G2E will get to experience firsthand the depth of the capabilities of Paycheck NextGen from Nanoptix.

“As the fastest growing printer company in the industry, G2E is the perfect platform to put on display Paycheck NextGen’s technologies,” states the company’s senior account manager Rejean Belliveau. “As the first printer with an anti-jamming paper path, media connection, built-in network capability, USB hosts and slave ports, anti-spillage feature, we plan to capitalise on the show’s popularity by displaying each major feature at numerous stations throughout our booth.”

Also on display will be the Nanoptix Pull Tab Printer (Instant Pull Tab). This niche market is growing throughout North America – and with proprietary paper from Slot-Tickets and customised printer firmware, Nanoptix now offers the most secure and cost efficient instant pull tab product currently on the market.

“Over the years, Nanoptix has become a fantastic partner to many existing and new customers,” says Belliveau. “This is due to our ‘can do’ attitude, our desire to provide quality solutions and engineering brilliance. Our commitment to our customers has created over time a fantastic catalog of products for slot machines, marketing departments, cage operations and kiosk providers.”

Leading up to this year’s G2E, Nanoptix has had a chance to develop customised printing solutions for a number of industry leading companies. The company has been able to leverage its reputable engineering and as a result, Belliveau insists that the Nanoptix stand will tout “exceptional products” at G2E.


With our added coverage, G2E 2016 is shaping up to be the most exciting show we’ve had in years


“Global customers are looking forward to discussing our ability to answer their very specific needs,” he adds. “These are the type of meetings that continue to showcase Nanoptix’s commitment to put customers – and their needs – first.”

With new distributors in place, such as AGA (Advanced Gaming Associates) and Gitchi Gaming, Nanpoptix products will be displayed in several booths across the G2E floor. As their printer of choice, Nanoptix Paycheck 4 TITO Printers will also be operational throughout a number of manufacturers’ gaming machines.

“With our added coverage, G2E 2016 is shaping up to be the most exciting show we’ve had in years,” surmises Belliveau. “ In order to maximise our time with our customers, we will be meeting most of our manufacturing customers before show hours. This just shows the power of the G2E showcase: the show continues to bring this global industry’s leading companies, products and people under one roof.”

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