Nanoptix “strives and thrives” at ICE 2017

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Speaking at ICE 2017, Rejean Belliveau, Nanoptix director of sales and marketing, explains that the company represents a new type of supplier, looking to become a technology partner for its customers whether at the operator or manufacturer levels.


What does Nanoptix gain from attendance at ICE and how did this year’s show go?

ICE is the perfect platform to reach so many customers and manufacturers. As this year’s attendance was record breaking, people came to see the latest and greatest technologies gaming had to offer. Nanoptix may not have the biggest booth at the show but for the first time, Paycheck NextGen and its series of printers were in several booths, from our three distributors to EGD manufacturers, the Paycheck NextGen offers a range of benefits and our customers were excited to showcase them in their product lines for their own customers. ICE is visited by nearly every continent which offers gaming and very few shows allow exhibitors to reach so many markets under one roof.

Which of your products did you highlight for this year’s show?

This year Nanoptix focused on our Paycheck NextGen TITO printer, our NextGen Terminal as well as our HSVL Advance Lottery VLT/Kiosk printer. As NextGen starts rolling out to markets all over the world, TITO printers have never offered anything beyond printing capabilities until now. The NextGen’s PC based infrastructure allows several types of communications and innovations while providing solutions to operators’ most annoying issues: jams, spills, ticket loading, etc.

Our newest product the NextGen Terminal, provided much interest to many system and marketing kiosk providers as this product showcases so many technologies in one of the most convenient footprints brought to market thus far.

Which countries do you consider currently offer the greatest potential for growth in your market segment?

We believe that Bulgaria, Slovenia and VLT markets in Europe will provide Nanoptix our best opportunities to grow. Latin America will also see impressive growth in 2017 and we have provided interesting technologies to European customers who are expanding in the region at the price points they need to facilitate this growth. This is always a winning combination, when you can help your customers deliver more to markets as added value and not premium price.

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