Nanoptix brings “strong, reliable products” to ICE

Casino Review - Nanoptix brings “strong, reliable products” to ICE
By supporting the needs of their customers, Canadian printing specialist Nanoptix have become technology partners rather than suppliers suggests Rejean Belliveau, the company’s director of sales of marketing.


[dropcap]I[/dropcap]nternational Casino Review: Which of your products will you be highlighting for ICE 2017?

Rejean Belliveau: At Nanoptix we understand that the market may be potentially leading away from traditional and that’s why we are staying ahead of the curve and are always looking for new platforms to integrate our printing technologies.

At ICE, our major highlight will be the Paycheck NextGen printer as it is a technology leading solution which has quickly become the platform to several new products.

As our current TITO offering, the Paycheck NextGen has a PC based infrastructure which can highlight and enhance EGM manufacturers’ cabinet features and add new value and life to our product.

Meanwhile, our Paycheck Desktop II offers a marketing and cage solution for TITO which is ideal for operators’ player tracking and coupon systems.

And our newest product, the Paycheck NG-Terminal offers a stand-alone kiosk solution equipped with a Touch Screen, Smart Card Reader, 2D Barcode reader and NFC capability. This Kiosk can be coupled with a bill acceptor in order to provide a fully self serve kiosk with an exceptionally small footprint enabling operators to use their limited floor space for what matters most EGMs.


ICR: What do you see as Nanoptix’s key strengths as a company?

RB: Nanoptix strives to create strong, reliable and simply designed products. Our engineering capabilities continue to exceed our customers’ expectations with every new technology released. We are a small but mighty team and pride ourselves on delivering great products, always making sure that we back them up with unsurpassed support. It is very important to build customer relationships based on their needs and vision while tailoring our technologies to exceed those needs. We don’t try to push our agendas or force customers in other directions, we play our role and support their path.

By staying true to our values we have become great partners to our customers, not just another supplier.


ICR: Where do you currently export and what markets interest you right now?

RB: Nanoptix has become a global provider of reliable and performance driven technologies and we are the fastest growing printer company in gaming.

Although fairly new to the European market, we are the number one printer provider in Australia and gaining great presence in North-America as well as South America.

More EGM manufacturers push our products than ever before and that’s mainly due to our performance and reliability as well as our commitment to great service and support.

Our major partnerships as of late have been acquiring great Distribution/Service providers in order to better serve our growing customer base and we’ve added distributors in Europe, North America, Australia as well Central and South America.


ICR: In terms of product, are you operating in any markets where you are impacted by regulation in terms of what you can offer?

RB: As new standards and protocols come in to play, we continuously adapt to meet the regulations necessary in order to offer our products. The strength of our relationships with our customers allows us to have real and candid conversations about what we need to deliver in regards to our technologies within their products so that all regulations are met and expected.