Nanoptix’s NextGen platform: Greater innovation and greater possibilities

Nanoptix NextGen
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Covering the gaming, lottery, kiosk, POS and amusement markets, Nanoptix’s powerful NextGen platform offers new ways for operators to interact with and provide additional value for their players.


A leading global provider of thermal printing solutions and technologies for the gaming, lottery, kiosk, POS and amusement markets, Nanoptix continues to innovate with new products to help operators deliver more content, features, and services to their casino floors.

Nanoptix has developed the powerful NextGen platform, a computer within a printer, with intelligent design features and a full PC architecture running a Linux operating system. Nanoptix NextGen printers also have multiple USB ports, ethernet, HDMI ports, and the ability to host Bluetooth connectivity. Combining these features with the power of their casino management systems, the NextGen platform allows new ways for operators to interact and offer additional value to their players.

Nanoptix has the ideal printing solutions to deliver content such as couponing, promotional campaigns, tax forms or sports betting to your slot machine printer, your kiosk printer or your desktop cage printer”, stated Bruno Roy, the company’s VP of sales.

The PayCheck NextGen Ticket In Ticket Out printer was the first Nanoptix product with NextGen technology. The PayCheck NextGen TITO printer has many industry-leading features – holds more tickets, integrated anti-jamming component, quicker print speed, last ticket low sensor, built-in PC infrastructure for couponing and other services, more connectivity ports, etc.

“The PayCheck NextGen is the most innovative and reliable TITO printer in the industry. We have added more technology and made the PayCheck NextGen future-proof to ensure our customers will be ready for the many changes we can expect in the gaming industry in the years to come, such as targeted marketing and mobile device based loyalty programs,” explained Roy.

Building upon the success of the PayCheck NextGen TITO printer, Nanoptix also provides innovative options for cage printing with the Paycheck Desktop 2 printer. Also powered by NextGen technology, the Paycheck Desktop II is a proven drop-in solution for fast and reliable TITO printing at the cage. With a lockable enclosure, rapid printing, and easy integration with casino management and other systems, it is quickly becoming the preferred option for many operators.

The Orizon NextGen is the ultimate kiosk printer, offering the fastest print speeds as well as the longest print head life in the industry. It expands the number of Nanoptix products which now incorporate the NextGen platform. A computer within a printer with superior connectivity, kiosk manufacturers and operators can use the Orizon NextGen not only to print but also as an integration hub to connect and power other peripherals within their solution, thereby reducing the number of overall components.

The PayCheck Terminal XL is a low cost, small footprint terminal ideal for sports betting, gaming, lottery, loyalty programs or other retail applications. The PayCheck Terminal XL has a 10” touchscreen, a card reader and barcode scanner, and its compact design is sure to integrate easily within most spaces, which is very interesting for many operators. It is completely powered by the PayCheck NextGen TITO printer and contains all the features and benefits of the NextGen platform.

“For over twenty years, Nanoptix has earned a reputation for excellent value, superior technology, and unmatched experience. We look forward to working with our industry partners to continue providing innovative printing solutions and additional value to our current and future customers,” Roy concluded.

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