New online gambling rules approved by Czech senate

Milos Zeman Czech Senate online
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The Czech Republic has taken a step closer to introducing new legislation that will create a licensed online gaming framework, after the proposed law was approved by the national senate.

Last month, the Czech senate voted 42- 0 in favour of the legislation, with a total of 23 abstentions. The country’s president, Milos Zeman (pictured), now has 30 days to sign the bill, which could come into effect as early as January next year.

In addition to dropping the country’s prohibition on global operators obtaining online gambling licences, the law will introduce new tax rates on gambling.

On top of a standard 19 per cent corporate tax rate, sports betting and lotteries will be taxed at 23 per cent of gross gaming revenue, with random number generator (RNG) casino games to face a rate of 35 per cent.

The legislation also includes various measures to help combat gambling related social harms, such as a new database that will enable punters in the country to block themselves from accessing online gambling websites.

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