Next-generation ticketing

Paycheck Nanoptix
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This year, Nanoptix is proud to present the Paycheck NextGen ticket-in, ticket-out (TITO) printer. Drawing upon cutting-edge technology, the NextGen ensures that operators will suffer no more ‘half tickets’, no more ticket jams, no more wasted TITO tickets and no more expensive add-ons for future innovations.

The Paycheck NextGen revolutionises printers with its completely straight and integrated Anti-Jamming Paper Path (guaranteeing a complete printed ticket every time) and its Last Ticket paper-low sensor (which detects the last one or two tickets – eliminating the usual wasted tickets per stack). It also boasts several other impressive features – such as future-proof connectivity (with five USB ports, an ethernet port, MicroSD Reader, HDMI port and BlueTooth capability), making it printer-ready for upcoming technology features – both from Nanoptix and third-party game manufacturers.

“We think operators are really going to be happy with the Paycheck NextGen,” said Nanoptix senior account manager Reggie Belliveau. “It’s so future-proof, that half tickets from other printer companies are now a thing of the past.”


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