Nigeria is an untapped goldmine


Nigeria represents an untapped goldmine for visitor spend according to regional tourism experts and with the sector contributing more than one third of national GDP concentrated investment could provide huge dividends.

Described by Lonely Planet as a pulsating powerhouse, and by regional experts as an economic cash cow, the West African nation is working diligently to ensure that this recent revitalisation is a precursor for steady, economically productive times ahead.

The founder of ABC Transport, Frank Nneji noted that in order to full realise Nigeria’s economic potential a great deal of work from centralised bodies is needed if the private sector is to flourish.

“Having hotels is one thing, the other thing is having things that will make it attractive to people and encourage them to visit the city. For government to promote tourism, it needs to setup a clear cut blueprint on what it wants to achieve.”

Nigeria’s chief statistician, Dr Yemi Kale echoed such sentiments, highlighting the importance of ancillary sectors that take a great deal of overall tourism spend.