Nsoft target western Europe with sports betting offer

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Nsoft introduced new virtual racing games to the eastern European market at BEGE, as well as its sports betting platform.


[dropcap]V[/dropcap]irtual games have been driving the company’s growth over the last few years, however looking forward Nsoft is aiming to conquer western Europe with its sports betting offer.

Amir Obralic, marketing manager at Nsoft, commented: “Lucky Six is our most popular game and where we are today is mostly because of that, but now sports betting is rising rapidly and becoming very important in our portfolio. We are expecting to see growth in eastern Europe, South America and Africa, but the ultimate goal for the next 3-5 years is western Europe.”

Indeed Obralic believes that sports betting will lead the way for Nsoft in the future, and that this is partly down to a strong partnership with data provider Betradar.

Obralic explained: “Sports betting will probably become the growth leader for us, mostly because of Betradar’s feed, which is the best feed in the world. Betradar has thousands of scouts all over the world tracking every game, and whenever there is a corner, throw-in or scored goal they put that information into the system. They provide us with all the games, timelines and schedules and we take all of their feed, prepare a visualisation, and then offer it to our clients. That’s the best sports betting experience they can have. It’s already becoming a huge part of our product portfolio and in the future it might take a higher percentage over virtual games.”

Alongside this sports betting ambition, Nsoft will hope its introduction of the market’s first virtual drag racing product will help drive the company further over 2017.


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