Omnichannel gameplay ‘remains an important area of focus for the industry’

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iNTERNATIONAL CASINO REVIEW: IGT has exhibited at iGB Live! this July, how did the show go for you?

Gianluca Ballocci: iGB Live! was a productive show for IGT. We always appreciate opportunities to connect with our customers and gain their feedback on the products and solutions within our digital portfolio, and to give them visibility into our content roadmap.

ICR: Which solutions from IGT’s product portfolio did you highlight at the exhibition?

GB: IGT’s iGB Live! showcase reinforced the breadth and depth of our digital portfolio.

We demonstrated the Da Vinci Diamonds Masterworks game – a new twist on the classic theme that gives players the chance to win huge multipliers. We also hosted exciting Solar Disk tournaments on mobile devices. Both Da Vinci Diamonds and Solar Disk are IGT heritage brands that successfully entertain players across multiple platforms and in broad geographies.

Many of our customers also expressed interest in IGT’s digital promotional features. Tournaments, free spins, the option for level- ing, progressive jackpots and more are all meaningful to our customers and their players, and they represent exciting tools that they can leverage to differentiate themselves from other digital gaming operators.

ICR: Given that iGBLive! is a Europe-based show, how do you think the European market is changing in terms of trends and technological developments and how is IGT responding to this?

GB: The UK represents the most mature digital gaming market in the world. With that, comes great responsibility and great opportunity.

The region’s digital operators are focused on delivering reliable, fast and unique gaming experience and that can keep the tech- savvy and experienced players engaged anytime, anywhere.

The concept of true omnichannel gameplay, where the player experience is seamless across devices,and rewards for coin-in and time on device are all within one ecosystem remains an important area of focus for the industry. IGT continues to make great progress with our omnichannel library with titles such as Elephant King and Electric Tiger.

ICR: In terms of the Interactive segment, what have been some of the highlights for IGT so far in 2018 and what will be your focuses for the next six months?

GB: 2018 continues to be a productive year for IGT’s digital segment. We started the year by introducing a diverse content library at ICE and it has been exciting to see these games release to the IGT RGS and yield positive results for our customers.

Another highlight was the rollout of the Wish- wood Slot game. Wish- wood was IGT’s first game developed in partnership with a customer and we celebrated its market arrival with a series of promotions throughout Europe including a Wish-wood-themed customer event in Malta.

We also continue to expand our omnichannel content library and include IGT “Proven Performer” titles that have strong performance in the land-based casino environment.

Looking forward, IGT is focused on helping our customers grow their business through meaningful solutions and content.

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