Fnatic x Parimatch: Partners in global ambition

Parimatch partnership Fnatic Stepan Shulga
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The new partnership between Parimatch and leading esports brand Fnatic shows the operator’s ambition to become a truly global brand, according to head of esports Stepan Shulga, who has grand plans for the collaboration with Fnatic’s legendary team that will raise the profile of both brands.


Parimatch has shown its ambition to spearhead the esports betting sector after signing a new partnership with leading esports team Fnatic, with the collaboration set to create exciting content for fans of both brands.

Stepan Shulga, head of esports at Parimatch, explained that the operator’s approach to esports is similar to how it approaches traditional sports; cooperating with world-famous teams and personalities to stamp its authority as a serious player.

“The fact that we have managed to partner up with one of the biggest brands in the global esports undoubtedly shows our ambitions to become a global brand,” explained Shulga. “It is very important for us, as a company, to keep up with the times, to be youthful, bold, and interesting. Fnatic is one of the most recognized brands on the planet and we are happy to be in partnership with such a legendary team. Our fans are delighted with such news and are waiting for what we can offer them.”

And Shulga has plenty in the pipeline for fans to look forward to, with a blockbuster introduction planned for the legendary team as well as further video content that is sure to keep esports lovers on the edge of their seats. As with traditional sports, the more that fans invest themselves in the games and the teams that play them, the more they will feel confident in backing up their knowledge with a bet. However, what makes esports unique is the speed at which new games – and essentially whole new markets for esports – can pop-up. For this reason, it’s vitally important that Shulga has a team of experts on hand to ensure Parimatch stays ahead of the curve.

“The principles of our esport partnerships are the same as in traditional sports,” continued Shulga. “However, the main point here is to apply tight expertise – we create and develop a department that consists of experienced esports specialists for this purpose. This way we can be proactive and look to harness new trends in the market.”

As the esports betting market continues to expand, Parimatch’s partnership with Fnatic has marked the operator as a leading driver of the sector, and Shulga is keen to put the pedal to the metal in true Parimatch style.

“We have a lot of very interesting plans ahead, and we are seriously considering hosting our own global Tier 1 tournament with multilingual broadcast,” said Shulga. “We know this is something fans would love, especially when it’s done by a company that takes esports seriously and will deliver a professional approach in all areas. At Parimatch we do things a certain way – with passion, confidence and commitment – and we look for partners who have the same philosophy. This is why Fnatic is the perfect fit, and why fans should be excited for the many announcements still to come – stay tuned!”

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