Parimatch Foundation pays back society through Corporate Citizenship

Katerina Belorusskaya - Parimatch Foundation
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‘People, future generation care and profit’ are the three benchmarks of being a good corporate citizen according to Katerina Belorusskaya, Chairwoman at Parimatch Foundation as the company continues to drive a strong, charitable and sustainable focus through its non-profit organisation.


Commenting on how the company’s commercial success is directly linked to its corporate citizenship, Belorusskaya said: “Corporate Citizenship is the responsible attitude of the company to its product or service, to its customers and employees. And also, to partners. We are aware that, to some extent, as a gambling brand we owe to society more than the companies from other areas. Therefore, in addition to caring for our customers and our employees, we have to contribute to the development of society. That is why the charity organization Parimatch Foundation was created.”

“Of course, in addition to fulfilled social duty, we also get some business benefits,” she continued. “First of all, this is a reputation. The reputation of a responsible bookmaker, which may affect the choice of our customers. This is the reputation of a stable employer (this is especially important in the turbulent CIS market), which attracts the best talents to us. And the reputation of a reliable partner.”

The foundation is a non-profit organization established by Parimatch for the purpose of implementing the company’s corporate social responsibility. As the leading global CIS gaming business continues to develop its reputation as one of the most exciting brands in the industry through its various sponsorships and innovations, their focus is never too far away from its responsibility and sustainability footprint.

“Parimatch offers Corporate Citizenship through three main elements: people, future generation care and profit,” Belorusskaya explained. “Firstly, we treat our employees as family members; we care about their well-being and educate our people on how important to contribute to the society and creating the conditions where they can do it.”

“In terms of future generation care, the Parimatch Foundation works in four directions across all our social activities – Sport, Education, Children’s health and well-being, and Environment. At first glance, these are very different directions, but we concentrate them on taking care of children and ensuring every child has access to innovative education and development skills. Ecology is a vast topic and concerns everyone, but the most important thing is to save the planet for future generation. Finally profit is key because it is vital for our employees. It also allows us to contribute to society. And the higher the profit the company has, the greater its contribution becomes. And this fact highly motivates employees to make efforts so that the company achieves its goals.”

In terms of the gambling/betting industry’s focus on responsibility, Belorusskaya doesn’t believe it should all be just about social responsibility in gambling. Parimatch’s goal is to ensure Responsible Gambling is a core responsibility for betting operators but also drive Corporate Citizenship by caring for its clients whilst also investing in the local community.

Commenting on their foundation’s goals for the future, she said: “For Parimatch, Corporate Citizenship is a moral obligation not a requirement. As you know, we mainly work in the CIS markets, and here we do not have to face strict legal requirements regarding compulsory Corporate Citizenship. What we do in the framework of the Parimatch Foundation is our contribution to society. We do real things for real people, and without intermediaries, respectively, we have the opportunity to feel the result.”

In response to whether it’s impossible for a gambling/betting company to be a good corporate citizen Belorusskaya concluded: “It is always weird for me. We, like any other company in the field of gambling, do not deny the fact that we do some harm to society or individuals due to the appearance of gambling addiction. And we are making efforts to explain to our customers that betting is just a way to have a good time, entertainment and this distinction should be treated the same way as bowling, for example. This should not turn into a bad habit and addiction. We are working hard to warn our client of possible risks. But this is only one side of the coin.”

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