Parimatch: Great transformation requires great communication

Daria Isakova Deputy Chief Communications Officer Parimatch
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With the creation of it’s new tech-focused brand, Parimatch has finally done its technological prowess justice. Such an extensive transformation, however, has required sophisticated methods of communication – both internally and externally – with Daria Isakova, Deputy Chief Communications Officer, utilising data science and open conversations to motivate, educate, and entertain both staff and players.


Casino Review: A tech transformation has been underway at Parimatch recently, how has this affected the internal workings of the company?

Daria Isakova, Deputy Chief Communications Officer: Parimatch has always been a tech company, but previously we haven’t paid enough attention to it, haven’t praised it decently, so no one could feel it. We can say that our tech people are happy now. They understand their role and responsibility within this new vector. The rest and less technology connected people feel charged and eager to learn and develop. We provide them with the necessary tools and information to help with that. We note the increase in engagement.

CR: Why is effective internal communication paramount during this time, and how have Parimatch’s executive board communicated and supported these changes within the company to ensure a smooth transition?

DI: The effective internal communication during the times of transformation is the key to success. It is in human nature to be afraid of changes. And the clear messaging helps to deal with this fear. Every decision has to be clear and explained when needed. Everyone has to feel engaged and be aware of his or her role in this transformation. Openness creates a safe place. During our internal strategic session PM GO 5.0, our CEO has explained the essence of the changes that are happening and are going to happen in the nearest future. He also had a 30 minute Q&A session to answer the questions that are left.

During the same event, Parimatch Tech was announced. It is a technology center for research and development of the IT product of the international holding Parimatch. The Parimatch Tech brand represents the expertise and product innovations not only in Ukraine, but also in the markets of Great Britain, Germany, Armenia, Belarus, Cyprus, and other countries.

It is very important for the tech people to identify themselves with the cool technology brand and we’ve provided them with such an opportunity. The next thing we’ve done is that we’ve introduced Town Halls regularly, with four of them already conducted. We’ve also launched a weekly Tech Digest with the latest and the hottest news straight from the “tech oven.” And the feature of the Digest is that it is written in a language every employee can understand. In this way, we can not only broadcast news but educate too. Video series called Pijama Talks are being published twice a week. It is a 15-min video interview with different people in the company (including C-level, Senior and Middle management, our tech specialists, and internal influencers) who share their experience in handling the new quarantine reality, their thoughts and vision on the tech transformation in the company. To sum up – our team filled the information space with the most relevant and the hottest topics that are at the top-of-mind today.

CR: How is the tech transformation improving the experience of Parimatch’s players?

DI: Directly! Everything we do is first of all for the clients. Being tech, our teams think first of all on how to improve the experience of the player. We are here to make the players` lives bright, unique, and emotional. Any tech changes that are being made are made without disturbing the client, without causing any inconveniences. For example, we are now migrating all our clients to the new platform. This process is invisible for the client, but aims to improve and upgrade the experience. The digital-first mindset and constant development of our customer experience is our core vector. Product is being upgraded daily, new features are being installed, experiments are done, and data science is applied for the improvements. The tech transformation has motivated and fired up our people to perform and engage more than ever.

CR: In what ways does Parimatch’s approach to communicating with players differ to the approach to internal communications?

DI: It is different because it is a different audience. We are the entertainment for our players, the irreplaceable attribute while enjoying life. We raise emotions; we give them what they want; we make them heroes, we entertain. We do that in a very bold and brave way. And we are happy to serve them.

In internal communications, we talk to our family. We care, we are proud, and we are happy to share our company and individual victories. The main goal here is to make our internal customer – the employee – proud of the place he/she works in. We create a space where there are few secrets and understatements, where everyone feels personal importance as our people – it is our key to success. We motivate, educate, and entertain them.

CR: How does Parimatch analyse the effectiveness of its communications to ensure the right messages are getting through to both players and staff?

DI: Regarding staff, we conduct yearly research which is called PM Survey to understand the situation with internal communications, what people lack, and what they appreciate. Based on the results we update the strategy, whether that’s giving up something, introducing new instruments, or improving our products in some way – we always take into account the views of our employees. We try not to reinvent the wheel, instead we just ask people what they want. It’s data science; the best way to hit the target audience is to find out what they want and what they like, and give them that. Over the past year (basing on the results of the survey) we’ve managed to scale up the level of the awareness of the changes that are going on in the company, we’ve quenched thirst for information and raised the openness and the accessibility of the C-level, senior and middle management of Parimatch.

If we are talking about direct communications with players, we use email, web push, SMM, etc., and tools for measuring statistics and response. Our Growth and Research team continually researches to understand the reach to the customer and find out their needs. And of course, there are lots of techniques to measure the effectiveness of any campaign, and such analytics is done on a regular basis.

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