Parimatch intensifies R&D emphasis with three new appointments

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As one of the most visible online betting companies in the world, thanks to its high profile ambassadors like Mike Tyson, Conor McGregor and the Shevchenko sisters, Parimatch’s focus on expansion is evidenced by its ongoing investment in management and R&D personnel, claims the company’s Chief HR Officer.

Highlighting the brand’s efforts on strengthening its marketing strategy whilst simultaneously seeking out growth opportunities and boosting product development, the Parimatch team recently enhanced its 2,000 strong staff with three major new additions. Welcoming new Chief Revenue Officer and Chief Product Officer, Evgen Belousov and Sergey Berezhnoy respectively, and promoting Ivan Liashenko to Chief Marketing Officer the company aims to bolster its ranks as a “strong, brave, innovative and fast-growing brand which keeps its word” wherever it works across the globe.

“We cannot get complacent and allow our success to be dictated by market conditions,” explained Tatyana Davydova, Chief HR Officer at Parimatch. “Instead, we must always be looking to the future and relentlessly focusing on innovation. For this reason, we are on the lookout for great talent who can help us achieve our ambitious goals, and aren’t afraid to push boundaries to drive growth. Our recent appointments embody all of these qualities, as well as being experts in their field.”

Parimatch wears its ‘people are at the heart of the organisation’ mantra on its sleeve, a fact which Davydova believes is key to maintaining not only great client relations but helping drive revenue and ensuring continued business growth. “A talented, happy and engaged employee means a happy and engaged customer. As a responsible employer, we take our duty of care towards our people very seriously, and they in turn show the same duty of care to our customers. It means they are more likely to go above and beyond their assigned responsibilities, giving our customers a great experience when they bet with us.”

In terms of the company’s recent posts, the attention given to R&D is clear but from a HR perspective the task of filling a position isn’t simply a job, it’s an art form. “A successful HR strategy means mastering the skill of finding the right talent, for the right job, at the right time, in the right organisation,” said Davydova. “It is also important to help people to be the best that they can be, and allow them to shine. You need to create a space for knowledge-sharing and growth, whether that be personal or professional. At the same time, it is important to be honest with yourself when the person isn’t quite right, learning lessons which can help make a better informed decision in the future. Thankfully for us, Evgen, Sergey and Ivan were a perfect fit!”

As a highly recognisable brand, Parimatch is acutely aware the gaming and betting industries have suffered from some negative comments in certain countries over the years which can result in issues when meeting with prospective employees. For Davydova, it’s not as simple as good industries and bad ones, it’s how a company acts and engages with its own people and the communities it works within that truly sets industry leaders apart. “There are some negative perceptions of the gambling industry out there, and we do sometimes come across this when we are trying to hire people. Parimatch is a responsible business and so it is up to us to try and change this attitude. On a more positive note, we do see a lot of people who are interested in building a career in the betting sector, and see it as a dynamic, growing and exciting industry.”

She concluded: “In light of our ongoing focus on R&D and building up our management team, I believe it’s clear Parimatch takes its company values very seriously. Only recently, a group of managers came together to discuss what Parimatch stands for, an exciting process which is in its early stages but will have a big impact on the business going forward. Watch. This. Space!” R&D

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