Patir: Sales are growing from coast to coast

Patir sales G2E growing
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Patir’s VP of sales and marketing US, Jim Keranen, reports that the company celebrated another successful edition of G2E, with its American Line of chairs and new sports book seating turning heads at the show.


Casino Review: How did this year’s G2E go for Patir?

Jim Keranen: We had a terrific show! We built off the momentum from last year and our team could not be happier with their performance. Our opportunities and sales are growing from coast to coast which is the growth trajectory we had anticipated when we entered the US market.

CR: Which product lines were you highlighting at the show and what are some of their standout features?

JK: We showcased our American Line of chairs, new models which incorporate cutting-edge design while offering full functionality for casino operators. We’ve really strived to create the most ergonomic and user-friendly chair possible with this line. After all, a comfortable customer is one who will play for longer. Alongside this, our sport book chairs were also a major hit for us at the show.

CR: Did you debut any new products at the show?

JK: As I mentioned, we presented our new sports book line. This is something we’re really excited about, as with the range of options we offer, no one is really doing anything like us. We’ve taken the high level of craftsmanship we put into our casino floor chairs and have carried that over into the new line. Let’s face it, whether in the casino or the sports book, chairs are going to take a beating given the rigours of day to day usage. That’s why it’s important for an operator to ensure they have the most durable, highest grade product possible. Choosing Patir’s seating solutions is decision that will stand the test of time.

CR: What are the key product features that define Patir’s seating solutions?

JK: We have a 400,000 sq ft facility that is just in process of completing its latest four story expansion. But what that means is our design and construction abilities are virtually limitless in terms of what we can offer in casino seating. We keep coming back to craftsmanship, but the quality seating solutions we produce at the price point we offer really set us apart in the market. This year’s G2E once again confirmed it, with early adopters in the US placing new orders for their new sports book and casino expansions. CR: Looking forward, what will be some of the focuses for Patir heading into 2020? JK: Naturally we’re still looking to further increase our footprint in the US, but with more and more sports books coming online and the numerous casino expansions happening nationwide, I can predict that we’re going to be quite busy for the next twelve months!

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