Perfect Storm: ThunderSpin uncovers the missing link for online casinos

ThunderSpin storm online casinos
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ThunderSpin, the newly launched slot development studio created by BOSS. Gaming Solutions has entered the market with a large game portfolio and a goal to combat what’s missing from its competitors in the online casino industry. Alex Kosogov, Head of Games at ThunderSpin, reveals the gaps of the industry, why his team is developing a large-scale jackpot bonus module and the key of combining player pleasure with partner’s ROI…

What sets ThunderSpin apart in terms of new game content in 2019?

Before entering the market, we thoroughly investigated the industry. Our expertise enabled us to create innovative solutions that meet our clients’ needs. Our team of very talented people takes pride in delivering flexible digital casino solutions: superior graphics, high-quality sounds, and smart configurations, designed to excite and engage players, keeping them entertained while playing.

What was the inspiration behind launching ThunderSpin and what R&D was undertaken to deliver its core titles?

We wanted to create interesting, engaging and visually attractive games that would appeal even to the most demanding players who are tired from playing same type of slots over and over. We believe that slot games should be visually attractive and exciting.

Regarding R&D: we examined competitors and found the gaps in the industry. To combat this, we forged new topics in gaming slots, sought out our customers’ opinions, chatted at exhibitions with potential partners and experts.

Your website highlights that most online players are attracted to slots, why do you feel this game type is more popular than table games, poker, live casinos, etc.?

Slot games have the smallest intervals between bets and due to this, they have the highest level of gambling and involvement. Also, the game slot, unlike table games/live casino, gives developers unlimited possibilities in choosing the logic/mathematics of games, as well as creating exciting scenarios.

ThunderSpin’s 25+ games are developed using the latest trends and innovations, what attributes are most important for player retention and how are you ensuring this across your portfolio?

First of all, it is important to develop a unique game scenario that allows the player to experience new emotions as long as possible. Another important attribute is the bonus system, we are now working on the development of a huge bonus module that includes an innovative jackpot system, a cross-selling system to expose the market to all of our products in a more efficient way. And the third one is to constantly offer the players new products in order to maintain the interest at a highest level.

The online slot market is already crowded, why did you decide to launch such a wide range of games with ThunderSpin rather than just focus on a few core titles?

Now we have 29 games in our portfolio. In fact, this is not a big deal for the slot’s developer, and we have chosen the way of creating each new game with unique logic/graphics, instead of just starting the pipeline of games that will not stand out from the majority. For comparison, we can take laptops Apple and HP. HP has more than 40 models, while Apple has only three. But we all know who is the most successful in this market.

With the ability to use multiple currencies and operating systems you put the power in the players hands, what’s the benefit to operators and the industry by doing this?

Covering all operating systems and enabling multiple currencies, we allow our partners to attract the players playing from any location and device. Our main mission is to create the perfect storm and combine the player engagement with partner’s success.

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